A Brief Introduction to the Artist

About the artist

Ian Middleton who was born in 1946 is a successful, professional Yorkshire based artist. Whilst his early career efforts were focused upon classical art reproductions to a museum grade standard alongside bespoke individual commissions, his first love has always been Expressionist art.

Over the last ten years since specialising in his own unique brand of expressionist art which he defines as ‘Rubistic’, his work has begun to receive critical acclaim. His art has been auctioned on a number of occasions at London’s Royal Academy of Art and he has received extensive supportive press coverage.


He explains his ‘Rubistic' definition as abstract, colourful shapes and lines connecting together in a puzzle like way to represent an overall image or theme. These often mask hidden images or icons which can often only be fully appreciated when the viewer has had time to study and digest. Ian’s
hope is that on the more complex pieces, a person’s interest will always be maintained by the prospect of discovering something new in the years ahead.

He has been described by the press as ‘no ordinary artist’ with his style as ‘colourful chaos’ and ‘ambitiously innovative’. This can perhaps best be illustrated when you look at his rendition of ‘Yorkshire’ which had one hundred and forty icons woven into it’s semi abstract tapestry. Conversely, consider his ground breaking unique ‘1812’ which combines history, music, abstract and realism art together with the campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte!

His work can now be found in approaching twenty different countries throughout the world.

Some original canvasses of Ian’s work are available for sale and an email enquiry will generate an up to date mini catalogue showing full details.

Otherwise, signed limited edition prints are available directly from Somerville Arts and enquiries in this respect can be made via the auto form on each image displayed.

Ian at work in his studio