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The Domino Players

The Domino Players

Painted in 2009 this work is a departure from his normal style. Set in a Mexican / Spanish cantina, ‘The Domino Players’ combine a Diego Rivera artistic approach mixed with an element of almost cartoon like fun.

You see immediately the four central players who are each displaying differing emotions over the game. You then appreciate the bystander characters all of whom, in turn are making an individual contribution towards the composition of the picture.

Despite the simplified form, the picture manages to generate an element of realism and empathy with all of us. The strong deep hues of red and brown tonal qualities generate the desired dusky, warm atmosphere associated with the Mexican worker at play.

There is an absence of alcohol as the glamorous full bosomed waitress provides cups of coffee, indicating that this may in fact be a lunchtime game.

The idea for this painting came from the work of local street artists in the region of Granada, Spain. The characters, however, were portrayed with a more realistic quality and full bodied in appearance. The switch from pastel application to that of heavy oil on a much larger scale only serves to enhance the richness and warmth of the painting.

150 signed and authenticated limited edition prints of the work have been released, a few of which are still available at £180 directly from Somerville Arts or selected art retailers.

Ian Middleton’s studio can be found at Wharfe Brow, Manor Park, Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire LS29 7HJ

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