1812 Completion

‘1812 ‘ by Ian Middleton

One of Ian’s most highly original works is now set for release on 12th May 2018 when we open the Gallery.

A large number of advanced orders for the limited edition prints have already been received and these will be available on 12th May. A decision has been taken to reduce the number available for issue in the interests of collectability. Only 495 prints on fine art paper or canvas will be produced. In addition, 95 embellished or re work pieces such as the Marie Curie commission have been agreed.

A number of Ian’s prints such as ‘Yorkshire’ and ‘The Boatyard’ have now become very collectable due to demand and we feel the ‘1812’ will join their ranks very quickly indeed given the restricted numbers. This we feel is good news for all supporters of Ian’s work.

The way the print and embellished issues are structured, customers will have a more bespoke approach towards matching their needs and pockets when purchasing the finished article. Should anyone wish to enquire about ordering a print before launch date, please use the enquiry form on this website.