Finished Drawing of Burley

Ian has now finished the drawing on a 3ft canvas which will remain as an exhibition piece. As he paints, there may be slight alterations made to tonal and form.

He’s brought out the tonal shade of the sectional part of the spinning wheel, a symbol of Burley’s heritage, muting but recognisable icons by applying white spirit to soften the marks. It shows how the wheel will contain also the historical trades etc.

There will still be minor changes as we go along or include the school competition icon etc but the image is what he will start with.

Photographing the drawing and converting it to a 4ft stretched canvas on the the image will be printed but it take a couple of weeks which means Ian’s re-apperance in the Burley library on Thursday afternoons will coincide with this time delay.

Many people have expressed wanting a print of the drawing from the very high definition image. This aspect is being considered at present and we will let you know the outcome in due course.