Ian Enjoys a Morning at Ghyll Royd

Thursday morning saw Ian and Rhiannon attend the school to make two group presentations on art and the Burley painting.

He was indebted to the support and professionalism of Rebecca Wilson and art teacher, Keeley Smith who made the visit a joy for everyone.

After a brief explanation of the background to painting, Ian introduced his own style with a request to vote on the work they preferred. The choice was between Ian and DaVinci which provided a free card for the right answer.

The children then got to work in groups with a canvas of Cry From The Edge and a competition began to identify the animals.

Recent research has identified 80 such animal icons in the painting and the winning group shot 67 in 15 minutes! Needless to say all the groups received a card of the painting.

We are hoping to provide ongoing support for the school who are committed to a very strong development program through Keeley.