The Yorkshire Dales

Before the final painting was completed, sixteen canvas tiles measuring 12”x10” were painted individually from the original drawing.

By combining these images together on a single canvas it formed the entire new painting. Before the final painting was completed, a permanent display of all sixteen canvasses was produced for exhibition purposes and we decided to retain the display as it provided a valuable insight into the construction of one of Ian’s major works.

Each of the tiles is dedicated to a specific area of the dales in an approximate geographical position. We show here the exhibition piece of sixteen tiles which is on display at the Somerville Gallery when open.

It is particularly interesting to view the three stages alongside each other from drawing to final article. We can see the emerging form and colour transitions accommodating minor changes throughout the developing work.

The sixteen separated canvasses allow for individual paintings of each area to be created for the purpose of new subjects. Individual prints of selected areas can be ordered.