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This painting is scheduled for release at the beginning of 2018 when 1812 limited addition prints will be available for distribution. The work has been two years in the making and a comprehensive workbook encapsulating all of Ian’s ideas and sketches has been kept. This allows for an incredible insight into the planning element necessary to produce such a unique piece. This will be available for showing at exhibitions featuring the work.

The painting plots the 1812 doomed struggle of Napoleon Bonaparte of France in his endeavours to defeat Russia in a such a way that they would be neutralised in their trading support of Great Britain.

Tchaikovsky wrote his most famous overture in celebration of the event and a musical summary of each stage is included by the artist. Semi abstract and realism art are combined together in Ian’s self styled ‘Rubistic’ application.

It is believed that two styles of art, historical narrative and music have never before been combined into one single painting. The painting still requires various glazes and top colour coats for it to be finally completed.

The launch of the painting will be from the Art Works Gallery in Otley, details of which will be announced in due course. Limited edition prints will also include a free booklet and video on the making of the work.

The response by existing clients and the public at large has been overwhelming with the highest figure ever recorder for advanced orders at Somerville Arts.

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