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Otley, Burley and Ilkley


The completion and launch of the Ilkley painting has provided Ian with the opportunity to also conclude the major tripart work of Otley, Burley and Ilkley.

Ian has been working on one major nine feet wide canvas which combines the three individual works and with a few modifications produces a seamless, large format work.

The impressive expressionist result will be available for very limited print purposes and exhibition support.

The combined and adapted paintings cover much of Lower Wharfedale. Only the Skipton and Grassington areas are not covered.

Ian has, however, finalised a one off Skipton piece which will synchronise with the tripart for anyone interested.

The Dales painting launched in 2020 embraces 16 key areas of Wharfedale, complementing total local coverage.

The new large scale format picture supports provides around 500 icons but the abstract look still dominates the composition.

A limited edition print run of 495 to cover high definition reproductions on canvas, fine art paper and acrylic glass is available. The various options will be exhibited at The Art Works in Otley.

Paper Print 30cm x 7.5cm : £180
Acrylic Glass Print 34cm x 8cm : £330
Canvas Print 34cm x 8cm : £220

Larger sizes can be requested and quotations will be provided upon request

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