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Out of the Woods

Out of the Woods - Ian Middleton

The original thinking and planning for this painting began in March 2020. The early stages of the Coronavirus epidemic were emerging and people were beginning to become fearful of the consequences. The artist, at the time was holidaying in the the next hotel in Tenerife to where the first major outbreak took place and it was then the idea took root of creating a painting which dealt with surviving a crisis.

We all enter dark places throughout our lives and it is the journey towards the light which often defines us. Strong family ties and friend support will be our foundation to sustain us as we work towards the light in search of recovery and a better place.

Ian felt the pack constitution of the wolf ideally illustrated the survival mentality and leadership of the family in survival mode. It was for this reason that the wolf has been chosen to represent ourselves living in the dark place of the woods at the lower end of the picture. We see the main wolf reaching towards the two light circles followed by others, less bold in his wake.

The two circles represent the two very different worlds in which we find ourselves living during 2020 but this can equally apply to the change we need to make in our present circumstances if we are to leave a dark place behind us.

Ian completed the initial drawing for the painting whilst on holiday and finished the oil painting in late November 2020.

A limited-edition of 150 signed, authenticated and registered prints have been made available using the high quality and light fast process of Giclee printing. These are available directly from Somerville Arts or through a variety of leading art suppliers and galleries including this website. They measure 20”x16” and are priced at £180. Variations in size along with canvas alternatives are quoted for upon request.

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